Shadow Wall by Richard Bardsley-smith



DIMENSIONS (Height - 50.00 cm X Width - 64.20 cm )
MEDIUM ON BASE Watercolour on Paper
GENRE Landscape
REGISTERED NRN # 000-37396-0167-01
COPYRIGHT © Richard Bardsley-smith
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Artist: Richard Bardsley-smith


I always enjoyed drawing and painting but at a young age realised it was unlikely to put bread on the table. With an interest in building and architecture I decided to train in the field of town planning.  At University I found the freehand drawing and watercolour exercises a real delight. But with a growing family the pleasure was relegated to stolen moments at the kitchen table late at night with the watercolours.  Needless to say I found myself undertaking a variety of illustrating and drawing work over some 40 years working in planning.  I also 'eloped' for 2 years along the way and taught high school art and geography.

Recently retired I am now spending an increasing amount of time painting and have a studio above my garage at home in Sydney where I can hide away. I especially like to work in watercolour as I find it both challenging and rewarding.  I have become involved in my local art society and was also accepted into the Australian Watercolour Institute in 2019.  

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